Products and Safety

1What does the cosmetics series “Olivka” contains
The cosmetics serie “Olivka” is a cosmetics serie PhysisCare based on Greek biological olive oil & herbal ingredients΄extracts with beneficial properties for hair, body and face. At cosmetics serie “Olivka” we have combine the biological olive oil with suitable herbal, active ingredients for every body part as a purpose of having all nature΄s privileges in a cosmetics serie.Whole serie “olivka” is prodused in Greece, according to the highest incoterms of quality in European Union. Sells in highly aesthetics and quality in order to become a jouqwellery for your house and a beautiful gift to your favorites.
2Are PhysisCare's products safe?
All PhysisCare's products are prodused in Greece under serious incoterms of quality and by European lawyalty. They have high natural substance's rates. They are dermatologically tested and free of synthetic raw material, parabens, petroleum derivatives.
3Why is olive oil used as basic ingredient in PhysisCare΄s cosmetics
You can find references in Homer, Aristophanes and else; that women in Ancient Greece used to apply Olive – Oil directly on hair and body to give them both shine and health. Hippocrates, father of medicine, called Olive Oil “the great therapeutic” and used it to cure skin deseases. In the following years, through scientific research, there was proved the wisdom hidden in using Olive – Oil as cosmetic.The vitamins A,E,D and numerous anti oxidants, contained in abundance; in Olive Oil,have beneficial properties for skin, hair and nail. Especially Vitamin E is so called “the vitamin of Beauty” thanks to its anti aging,antioxidant action. Moreover,prevents from water loss, protecting skin hydration and gives away moisturizing.

Ordering methods

1How would I use my shopping basket?
Shopping basket works in the same way that you would use to and a commom shop. It contains all your chosen products to shop and your last step before your order. It allows you to be aware, to add and remove items, as you would do at a common shop.
2How can I add more products at my shopping basket?
In order to add a item, that exists at detailed item΄s description in the shopping basket. In order to remove an item, press the bag icon to the up,right placement of site and then press the subtraction icon with x, next to the item which we want to remove.
3Is it necessary to create an account in order to make an order?
No, its not necessary to create a personal account for ordering. But creating your personal account you give possibilities in order to save personal clues and sending directions as a result there is no need to write it at every order of you.
4You delivered me the wrong product. What can I do?
All of our orders are checked very thoroughly. In case your order has a mistake please contact with us at [email protected]. We will make sure you will receive the correct order.

Payment methods

1Payment methods
The payment in full of your order can be completed with the following ways.

1. Cash on Delivery. In this way you pay as you receive the packet from the delivery service that you collaborate.

2.Using your credit/debit or prepaid card. All payments pass through the secure and safe banking system of ALPHA BANK.

3. Paying with PayPal.

4. With deposit on a bank account of our company.

Deposit information on a bank account: *.

α) During your order achievement, you choose as a payment method your Bank deposit

β) You deposit the sum of money to a beneath one accounts with cause the order number and your first and second name.


ΙΒΑΝ: GR66 0171 5790 0065 7914 7412 461

Beneficiary Name: Laderos Panagiotis Ioannis

In case that the transmission of the amount of money becomes from other bank in the country or abroad, the transaction΄s expences fall on absolutely and only the client. In order to avoid extra debit please deposit the propriate amount of money to the upper collaborative banks.

γ) Send the deposit΄s approval via email at [email protected] or alternatively contact with us on phone number 2310 351687 (Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00) Incomplete orders are cancelled automatically after 5 working days.
2What is the return policy and refund
Could you return products whether you have received the wrong product. The product you received is defective.
3How does PayPal works?
The PayPal is an online money transport service. It is common used for safe transactions through the Internet.You can make your payment fast and with online secure connected by your credit card or your bank account through PayPal account. At order form choose PayPal as a payment method, go to PayPal site,where you can send your payment. Even if you haven't alredy create a new account. At PayPal, you can choose the way you prefer to make your payment (for example, using a credit card) and then send your payment

Shipping methods

1How many days are needed to ship my order?
All available products are shipped within 1-2 working days. In case, a product isn't direct offer you are informed by us via email or phonecally for your ordring time
2How can I get informed whether a product isn't possible?
In case that a product is direct possible we let you get informed via email or phonecally for your order time.
3Which days and hours are deliveries served?
The deliveries are served on woking days through 10:00 and 17:00.
4Are there any shipping expenses?
Products are shipped by registered post and shipping costs are based on the following two tables for Greece and abroad respectively:




Privacy policy and data security

1Are my personal data safe?
Our e-shop definately collects and only those personal data that are absolutely neccesary for safe procedure and correct order execution for our customers and determined, right purpοses that are being in brother in law and preferable process in a compatible way for all those purposes consistent the tenet of relativity. Your personal data collection takes place with your in agreement opinion and only and it definitely concludes the process accomplicementary those factionig purposes about this site and this e-shop.
2is it safe to pay online?
Our e-shop operates with a constricted security system and a preservation of your personal clues. At the e-shop doesn΄t register any financial element.


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